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Seminars & Retreats


Moonlight Lodge and Pilot Light Retreat Centre in Hondo, Alberta

Retreats and Sabbath Time


Once in a while we need to take some time away from our busy life and the troubles of the world to find the still point within. In the quiet we can open to the deep nurture and healing of Love within and in nature.


We offer both individual and group retreats, as well as silent retreats with option for individual spiritual direction. 

Retreats invite you to dive deep inwardly. A silent or guided retreat offers the opportunity to deepen your connection with Spirit, release inner blockages that obstruct the flow, and to gain clarity on next direction. Guided retreats may include different modalities, like journalling, interactive sessions, meditation,  yoga, mindfulness practice, and Bible readings in support your contemplative time.

We also offer group retreats for church groups or organizations. One of us can lead the retreat at a chosen location. Or if it is a small group, Moonlight Lodge is available.


Retreat time with your organization gives you the opportunity to find new levels of inspiration and creative expression together. This time together is especially useful to affirm your purpose, revaluate your direction, or come up with a new plan of action.

Contact - Rev Dr Jane Leifer if you want more information on retreats:

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