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Updated: May 27, 2022

Dreams: Windows to the Self

Our dreams are a window into our unconscious, our deeper self, and more. Through dreams we also have access to the collective unconscious, therefore, there is value in sharing a 'Big Dream'. These dreams have archetypal images that may have meaning and wisdom for all of us to discover.

Dreams are stories; they are not real or predictive of the future, only windows into what is not yet conscious. Therefore, only believe what little bit of truth that touches something deeper and moves something within, that touch is real. Sometimes it takes decades for us to realize a dream's deeper and spiritual meaning.

The purpose of dream sharing is similar to sharing a story, a poem or a joke. There is often some hidden 'truth' or 'mystery' in it for us to realize . And since dreams speak a symbolic and metaphoric language it is not alway easy to understand its message.

One way to enjoy reading dream stories on this blog is to imagine the dream posted is yours or ours. Then ask yourself this question: 'What does this dream say to me?' If you like, you can share that awareness on the blog, so we all might become more aware of how the dream language speaks in its multiple layers and meanings.

If you do post a response to another's dream, it is important to be clear that your sharing regarding another's dream is about you. And if it is your dream that is posted, remember responses are about the responder's awareness. With our awareness and insights shared, we just might see something which alone would have been missed. That is the value of sharing this spiritual journey together.

Enjoy this site, and please keep your dream narratives short.

Note this blog will be edited if needed.

Dreams that are too long will not be published.

Share your dreams here:

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1 Comment

Lasse Jørgensen
Lasse Jørgensen
May 28, 2022

Great post! For me dreams are here to make us aware and bridge the psyche with our deeper levels inside. A way of digesting,seeing and integrating reality.

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