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Joëlle Kuster


In 2006, a serious car accident turned Joëlle’s life around. An awakening happened at this time; and a purposeful life opened. Gifts of clear-seeing, and Spirit guidance, started developing – gifts that continue to develop and deepen.

She had been investigating the meaning of life since her teen years. Guided by the love of the truth and the knowing of a greater purpose and meaning she traveled widely. This gave her the opportunity to find that the Universal Life we all share in all our diversity is the common ground of love. She has met and worked with persons from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds, and religious faiths. She particularly found Buddhist practice was a way to bring these all these teaching to a simple way of living with Truth and love being the Way..


Joëlle has been a spiritual counselor, and life coach for 9 years. In 2013, she completed an Honours degree in Philosophy and Psychology, and has been facilitating one-to-one counseling sessions, and group seminars, since 2014.


During counseling sessions, she assists the persons she counsels to distinguish between the voice of Truth, and that of the ego mind, and to become aware of limiting beliefs and conditioning that obstruct the Universal flow. She also assists persons to navigate through specific areas of life, and/or specific situations/issues.


Joëlle is an attentive listener, Her counseling ‘way’ is to see and know the deeper you and to support you, spirit-led.


She comes from a pluri-cultural, pluri-religious background, which opened her to Universal Faith, and led her to believe in spiritual expression among all religions, and to transmitting Universal Knowledge that serves the highest interest of all.

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